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  • Let’s be honest. are you, as a trusted financial professional, discussing the life insurance needs with every client you see weekly? Honestly, many of us don’t as we get focused on the client’s needs at hand: 401k rollovers, retirement planning, long term care and even what to do if a disability happens. We need to remember: the first step in establishing financial security is to confront the biggest threats to it by asking a client the tough questions: “What would happen if you or your spouse or partner became sick, injured or died?  Would your children have to drop out of school? Would your spouse or partner be forced to drastically cut back on the family’s lifestyle? And what about retirement plans?” All of these situations can be devastating to a family’s financial health. That’s where insurance comes in.  Life insurance proceeds can allow them to pay off the mortgage, continue to pay for college, and if invested wisely, provide a stream of income to your spouse or partner for the future. It provides family members the CRUCIAL resources to maintain their lifestyle when death happens. It can replace some or all of the income, pay off debts, cover funeral costs and can even help fund longer-range needs like college tuition or retirement. And not to forget: insure the spouse or partner as well, even if he or she doesn’t work outside the home. A stay-at-home parent provides vital household services—childcare, house upkeep and transportation to name a few—that is very expensive to replace.

  • None of this is new to us, right? Then how can we make it simple and effective in our weekly activity with client meetings? Take a 10 year or 20 year level term illustration with you to EVERY meeting for $250,000, using the client’s name and age. The face amount is not as relevant as the conversation……as you review everything else and handle the intent of the appointment (reallocating money, starting a new mutual fund, discussing objectives etc.)   ask the client “what steps have you taken to protect your income (which includes Social Security) in the event you pass away? Let’s take a few minutes and review that, and I’ll share some ideas with you”. It has been studied over and over: most people believe life insurance is far more expensive than it really is, and showing that hypothetical illustration  will give the client the ah-ha moment. Isn’t that our job: to provide the path for keeping a family protected in the known and unknowns of life?  Ask us to prepare the illustrations for you; we will show the most competitive carrier and rate for your client.



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When was the last time you truly prospected for Life Insurance, used a Fact Finder, and uncovered holes in a client’s planning? We’ve gotten smarter with the long tenure in this business but have we forgotten about what made us great professionals?

Eschels Financial Group is very excited and proud to present on Tuesday May 24, 2016  Edwin Hale JD, CLU, Assistant Vice President Advanced Markets with Accordia Life Insurance Company. Ed has 40 years of legal and insurance industry experience in the areas of Estate Planning and Business Succession Planning. He has been both a practicing attorney and a life insurance agent, with a focus on estate and business succession planning for the closely held family owned businesses.

Ed will spend a compelling 2 hours with us on:

ØNeeds Selling- How to approach a Business Owner

ØFact Finders- Estate Planning and uncovering the life insurance needs about which no one asks

ØJoint work with agents once they have obtained a Fact Finder, and assistance closing that sale (Yes, joint work and no commission split)

ØThis is a Workshop providing concepts and training, not a product discussion.

Please join us on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 from 10am -12 Noon in our office conference room at Eschels Financial Group 555 South Old Woodward Avenue  Suite 755, Birmingham, Michigan. There will be a light breakfast served at 9:30am. Call our office to reserve your seat for this rare event and opportunity at 248-644-1144.

The successful industry professionals are those that explore opportunities and continue to strive for greatness by investing in themselves- be that professional!

We look very forward to spending the morning with you, as you glean all that is available from Mr. Ed Hale.

To learn more please contact Eschels Financial today!
Cyndi Stern
Phone: (248) 644-1144

  • Is anyone content with the interest rates on CDs at banks? Why would someone choose a CD over other safe money ideas? Certainly a CD is appropriate if the money has a definite intention: the client is saving that money for a trip, down payment on a home, a new deck/pool in the backyard next year- you see the picture. Short term  safety with a short term intended use makes a CD very attractive and safe with no worry of principal loss regardless of market conditions. The interest rate is surely unattractive, however, but the knowledge that the client’s “money with a purpose” will be there when the event arises equals a perfect match.  Does every client with a CD  have an intended use for their lump sum of money? The answer is no, and most often does not have an intended purpose for it, but as we hear so often, ” I just don’t want to risk it.”  Average CD interest rates currently are 2.35% for a 5 year CD and 1.84% for a 3 year CD. (source:  Monitor Bank Rates April 2016)  What does this all mean?  There are alternatives to CDs for money that is without purpose, money that needs to be saved safely, and clients are mostly unaware of the alternatives.

  • CDs have us pay tax on money we aren’t using.  (Those interest rates are pre-tax- yielding less after taxes are paid- do we remind clients of this?)

  • CDs don’t allow us to access our money without a penalty- there is no liquidity available. (Are clients aware they truly are ‘locking up their money’?)

  • CDs don’t avoid probate at the time of death, unless held in a trust. (The client dies, how do their loved ones gain access to the CD?)

  • Ask your next clients/prospects 3 questions:

    1. How do you feel about the interest you’re receiving on your safe money at the bank? (This will tell you if they keep larger amounts there.)    

    2.  Is that money intended for something specific soon, like a trip or home remodeling? (If the answer is as expected, no- we just don’t want to risk losing it and don’t know of any safe alternatives)

    3. I have a few ideas to share with you that have been interesting and appropriate for some of my other clients, allowing them to not pay tax on money they’re not using, giving them access to some liquidity and a simpler way to pass that money to loved ones when that time comes. When can we get together ?

  • It is imperative to explore all financial options for the clients- why let a client lapse or surrender a policy when determining there is an alternative. Life Settlements-  Life Insurance , like every other asset, has a Market Value.   Before your client considers letting a policy go, call us to discuss the specifics. And interestingly, all policy types are considered now for Life Settlements- even convertible term insurance.  The reality is: you will set yourself apart from other advisors and agents by educating clients on Life Settlements and the options for the unwanted/unneeded  life insurance. Clients remember you told them about an idea that others did not- and isn’t that what we want as agents and financial advisors? To be distinguished as unique, with different and compelling ideas for clients provides them with more than the average agent.


  • Are you aware within Fixed Indexed Annuities and Indexed Life Insurance there are 100% participation in the various indices up to the caps? Are you aware there are uncapped (yes uncapped) index strategies allowing the client the full index performance less a spread?  Why is any of this important? Because clients have told this industry after 2008 that they no longer can endure the wild rides with their money. They have firmly said they are aware they need some exposure to the non-guaranteed  markets, but they now also know they must be more diligent with safety, as their individual lives are uncertain and when retirement happens often is not by choice but more by circumstance.

See the attached White Paper by Allianz Life Insurance Company “Reclaiming the Future”  


The Indexed Annuity Leadership Council has a recent video, which breaks down the guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit that offers a predictable income in retirement. Check it out!

Looking for the latest 2016 tax summary guide? Download here

  • How will you guide your clients and prospects this year with new ideas? As we have known and anticipated for the last several years, interest rates are now on the way back up, and retirement income will be affected if bonds are the primary source.  Have you  considered  the importance of showing a client what a guaranteed income would look like, one that has the opportunities to increase as the index performs?

And if that money is QUALIFIED money, One America Asset Care III can be the answer.  See the video below for details!

To learn more please contact Eschels Financial today!
Cyndi Stern
Phone: (248) 644-1144

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