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  • Often we think about the coming year and how we would like our business to change and grow before we put pen to paper: reflecting on 2015, the successes, the new ideas tried, those that worked and those that didn’t.   If your business grew, how do you keep that momentum and if it didn’t , how can we help you?   Eschels Financial Group  is the portal for agents and advisors to expand their practices beginning with coaching and idea development. We’ve been hosting  many  training webinars this past  6 weeks and have found it to be a great precursor to ending 2015 strong and  for planting seeds for 2016.  How are you branding your business?  Do your clients all know the wide array of financial problems you can solve for them?


  •  You are cordially invited to our Fall Webinar Events for Annuities! Do you need a new idea? A new direction? A new market? Eschels Financial Group has planned webinars for your success building endeavors both for the 4th quarter and beyond. Register for as many as your calendar allows and that interest you.  We have even added a new carrier for us, Jackson National Life on the Fixed Indexed Annuity side and will host a webinar on November 17th at 10am EST.
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  • One America has the Long Term Care solutions for your clients with lump sums of money. The sessions are 45 minutes in length. Please note you are with Eschels Financial when registering.

Topics covered:
1)  Covering two individuals under one policy

2)  Lifetime benefits and the advantages

3)  Use of IRA, 401k, 403b to pay for LTC

4)  Guaranteed Premiums

5)  Covert NQ annuities to tax-free for LTC!

6)  Options from age 20 – 85

7)  Annual and single pay

  • Athene Annuity: A carrier with high caps, uncapped strategies for accumulation, income for life and impairment income doublers to answer the LTC fears in retirement. This webinar will include Fixed Indexed Annuity ideas for both the guaranteed retirement ‘that cannot be outlived’ and a strong, safe accumulation story.


Athene Annuity Webinar
Thursday, November 12, 2015

10:00 am  |  Eastern Standard Time (Indiana, GMT-05:00)  |  1 hr

Meeting password: Athene1!
Meeting number: 744 277 762

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Call-in toll-free number (Verizon): 1-8668189721  (US)

Call-in number (Verizon): 1-2034801776  (US)
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Attendee access code: 120 932 07
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Jackson National Fixed Indexed Annuities
Actual Start Time: Tuesday November 17th, 10:00am -11:00am | EST

a new carrier for Eschels Financial Group!

Many advisors know about the long history of safe money retirement investing and saving with this firm and now we have it to offer you– this kick off webinar will discuss the fixed indexed annuity platform, index blend choices with high caps and a brand name both advisors and clients recognize.

Type: Fugent CALL-IN

Dial-in: 866-469-3239

Passcode: 25543144

Host PIN: 25514563
  • VOYA Annuities: No longer called ING, this group has had a complete overhaul of their annuity offerings- very compelling and worth a new look! 

Join us for a webinar on Nov 19, 2015 at 10:00 AM EST.

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Overview of Voya’s Annuity Products

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

This training will focus on:

Wealth Builder series with its industry leading annual point to point caps

Secure series with its unique, volatility control strategy

VOYA’s corporate profile with its strong position in the market place and corporate ratings upgrades

  • Fidelity and Guaranty Annuities (F&G): This is a strong carrier for retirement solutions and recently has rolled out a new Fixed Indexed Annuity on the line up. These 2 sessions are all different and will build upon each other, if your schedule allows, consider attending both.

Please register for Fidelity & Guaranty Life Annuities – Eschels Financial Group on Dec 3, 2015 10:00 AM EST at: 

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Learn more about the Fidelity & Guaranty Life annuity portfolio.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


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New NAIC IUL Illustration Rule, AG 49, Goes Into Effect 9/1

“More realistic” guidelines for the illustrations insurers, agents and brokers can use in marketing indexed universal life insurance (IUL) products go into effect September 1st, 2015. 

Existing regulations allow companies to determine the maximum illustrated rate of return for IUL products, which in some cases have been as high as 10 percent. The new guideline, known as Actuarial Guideline (AG) 49, will be implemented in two phases with the first going into effect on September 1 and will result in what are being called more reasonable illustrated rates. 

To help you prepare, I’ve put together some resources for your review. At the first link below you’ll find a consolidated listing of the major insurance carriers’ individual announcements, including their new maximum illustrated rates. At the second link you’ll find  an informational article at Insurance News Net on the new IUL guidelines. 

Carrier AG 49 Bulletins
Insurance News Net Article

Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!
Cyndi Stern

Eschels Financial
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The stock market can be an uncomfortable place for some clients. 

Consider these three recent bull markets*:

  1. 1997-2000: Up 100% before declining 86%
  2. 2003-2008: Up 90% before declining 53%
  3. 2009-2014: Up 142%… where do you think the market will go from here? Now could be a great time to exercise a “correction protection” strategy for your clients by investing in the Protective Indexed Annuity II.

If you have clients nearing retirement who are concerned about another decline, ,help them exercise “correction protection” by taking their gains out of the market and investing it in the Protective Indexed Annuity II. This solution provides protected growth, opportunities for higher returns, and even offers secure retirement income with SecurePay SE, an optional withdrawal benefit.

Contact me now for more information:

Cyndi Stern – Marketing Director
Eschels Financial Group
(248) 644-1144, ext. 110

Is your client’s non-qualified annuity or qualified annuity where it needs to be?

According to Gallup’s 2009 survey of non-qualified annuity owners:

  • 81 percent surveyed intend to use their annuity as a financial resource to avoid being a financial burden on children.
  • 73 percent surveyed intent to use their annuity as an emergency fund in the case of a catastrophic illness or for nursing home care.
Make sure your clients’ annuities are aligned with their intentions.

The Pension Protection Act (PPA)allows for income tax-free withdrawals from specially designed non-qualified annuities to fund long-term care expenses, regardless of cost basis. By exchanging a current annuity for an annuity that qualifies for the PPA advantages, your clients can be matched with a vehicle that can meet their needs while providing a tax advantage. Of course, before any annuity exchange is made, all factors should be weighed to verify the client’s best interest.

To learn more please contact Eschels Financial today!
Cyndi Stern
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