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External Conversion Opportunities

Rent Vs Buy Infosnack(1)We all know that term insurance serves a very useful purpose, especially when a client needs maximum protection at a minimal cost. In most cases, the decision to purchase a term policy was probably the right one at the time. However, times and needs change, which may make an external conversion attractive.

What is an external conversion? The specifics vary among participating companies, but they generally allow customers to “convert” their existing coverage to a new, permanent product with an entirely different insurance carrier. 

Why would an individual have an interest in converting their term policy to a permanent policy with a different insurance carrier? Circumstances change and there may be more affordable coverage now available. Or one of the participating carriers may offer types of permanent life insurance that their current company does not. 

Regardless of the reason, each of these programs give you and your clients the opportunity to convert to permanent coverage without underwriting and labs. Take a look and call Eschels Financial Group today to learn more. 


Global Atlantic Financial Group Nationwide Symetra

Allows term policyholders to
convert to permanent Global
Atlantic product, with conversion

Allows clients with an eligible term
policy to buy a new perm life policy
without current medical requirements.

Policyowners who have purchased
a fully underwritten single life
permanent insurance policy from
select carriers within the last 5
years may be eligible to exchange
that policy, with limited
underwriting, for a permanent
Symetra Classic Universal Life
Insurance Policy.

Click here for more details. Click here for more details. Click here for more details.


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