Becky Franklin

Office Manager, Customer Service Manager


After two years as an administrative assistant with Mutual of New York, Becky joined F.R. Owen & Associates in 1999 as office manager and customer services manager.

Becky keeps everything — and everyone — at F.R. Owen & Associates running up to speed. She also provides the kind of customer service that makes clients feel like family.

Becky addresses client inquiries and concerns, resolves problems and maintains account records with an amazing memory, attention to detail and a warm and welcoming personal touch.

One of Becky’s greatest satisfactions on the job is her role as liaison between clients and financial products providers, such as insurance companies, that can sometimes frustrate them.

She observes, “With many large companies, you’re just a number, but with us, you’re a person. We handle communications with these companies so that our clients don’t have to.”

Becky and her husband, Dallas, have two children; Abigail, born in 1998 and Jacob, born in 2003.  Now that her children are growing up, she has even more time to keep the adults at F.R. Owen & Associates in line.